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Project Highlight: BOMA Survey Vancouver

Occasionally we will be giving travel and project updates whenever something significant happens.

Something significant is happening here in Vancouver: we are here for a few weeks doing a confidential BOMA As-Built Survey for a 700,000 sq.ft. office/mixed-use property. A BOMA As-Built is a regular survey with a BOMA area analysis added (basically a spreadsheet with all of the tenants and common areas itemized, plus additional graphic drawings that illustrate the breakdown). This is done in accordance with the standards ANSI/BOMA Z65.6-2012 (Retail) and ANSI/BOMA Z65.6-2012 (Mixed-Use Properties).

Spending a few weeks in downtown Vancouver and neighbouring Gastown is something we don't mind doing at all, especially in the winter. The climate in Vancouver is positively tropical, by Canadian standards. The proximity of the ocean, the lush rainforest of Stanley Park, and the nearby mountains give Vancouver air a vital freshness that's positively invigorating.

Walking through downtown on a sunny day reveals a stunning scenic slap-in-the-face at each intersection as you gaze north. I'm sure Vancouverites might take it for granted, and the feeling for me does fade with every rainy day (it rains an awful lot here in the Winter). But I recall how it felt the first time I came here so many years ago, and I remember wondering at how beauty can be felt like a physical force. Perhaps for someone like myself, who loves both nature and the urban form, that this is a truly special place.

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