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Solar Surveying in Minnesota

Well it's official, we've earned the name International in ARI. We've arrived in Minnesota to conduct roof surveys for a number of high schools in suburban Minneapolis. Again we're doing something new here, as we're always growing our repertoire of services to support design and construction. In this case it's for planning solar power arrays that are being installed on the school roofs. In addition to our normal tools and skills, these surveys require the use of rotary lasers to determine the exact slope. ARI has a unique technique of using these lasers to get multiple readings faster, and still accurate to the millimetre.

Any missing or incorrectly placed roof items (like vents, gas pipes, RTU's, etc) would cost thousands in installation cost-overruns. By having an ARI survey done, this risk is eliminated, and the arrays can be designed efficiently to give maximum solar yield.

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