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Flatten the Curve/CORONAFREE - Asset Reconnaissance International's COVID-19 response

Flattening the Curve - spread the burden on our Healthcare systems



Much has been said over the past week in news media and social media about the Coronavirus. We will keep our message to everyone simple: we offer our sympathy to those who are hit hard by the health and economic upheaval that this pandemic brings, and we wish everyone the best of luck in these hard times.

The Ontario government has announced that as of today, Tuesday, March 24th at midnight, all non-essential businesses are to be closed for a period of 14 days to help stop the rapid spread of the virus and to 'Flatten the Curve'. A list of businesses that remain essential can be found on the Ontario governments website. The communal goal, in Canada and the United States, is that non-essential travel and social gathering are to cease until further notice. The term 'Flatten the Curve' means that, although we may not be able to fully stop the virus from taking it's course, we can slow it's spread and ease the burden on our health care system. This is our only real tool that we can use to prevent as many deaths as possible.

Suspension of Field Operations

While we recognize that many of our customers qualify as 'essential services' and may or must continue to operate, our role as Design, Planning, Renovation, and Shopfitting Field Support is a non-essential luxury in this time of need. As such, we are complying with the Ontario government and have shut down surveying services for the next two weeks. In the event that this moratorium is lifted, we will continue to assess individual projects to determine whether they can be done in a safe and ethical manner.

In-House Design Support Offer - CORONAFREE

Despite suspending our main raison d'être (As-built Surveying), we are still open and are operating from home. In the spirit of solidarity with other small businesses, we are offering a special promotion to new and existing clients. For the next 14 days, or until this moratorium of non-essential business is lifted, we will offer the following services for FREE*:

- AutoCAD Drafting support

- Revit Modelling support

- Basic Rendering

- Basic Retail, Food Service, and Hospitality Space Planning

- Live Project Management Translation - French (Phone or Web)

- Document and Drawing Translation - French

- Photo Editing

- Video Editing

- VR Tour building

*we reserve the right to limit the offer based on demand

This offer is open to any Architect, Interior Designer, or other related business anywhere and across the world.

Email us at and use the promo-code CORONAFREE in the subject line.


Here's what's on our phones:

New York Times article explaining the Flatten the Curve theory:

Financial Times Coronavirus tracking (with some excellent graphs):

The John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (for live data):

The Internet Archive (we can't cure the Corona, but we can cure boredom! Free books, video, and best of all, classic Arcade and PC/DOS games :) )

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