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2019 in review - Asset Reconnaissance International

Hello ARI family,

It's that time of year where we like to thank everyone who has supported Asset Reconnaissance International and who make us a continued success. It's our greatest pleasure to do business with all of our clients; to represent them in the field, to support their endeavors, and to work with them to achieve our common goals. It is these common goals, of stability, prosperity, health, happiness, and of purpose that we wish to share with everyone in 2020.

ARI projects in North America - 2019

ARI Projects - North America 2019

2019 was another exciting, busy, and productive year for us. Throughout the year we were involved with more rollouts than ever before, with multiple projects all across the United States and Canada. Some new states and provinces for us included Colorado, Arizona, Puerto Rico (our first Caribbean project), and Manitoba. American work was primarily high-end cosmetics and apparel retail, while in Canada we surveyed for a national steakhouse chain.

ARI Projects - Western USA 2019

Look for new developments with Matterport and Lidar scanning, as well as other support services for Architects and Interior Designers alike in 2020!

ARI Projects - Eastern Canada and the US 2019

ARI Projects - Florida 2019

Again, a Happy New Year and a safe and prosperous 2020 to all our friends and family.


Ben Sagle

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