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ARI is for Hospitality.

Hotel renovation projects are significant.  Hundreds of hardware items, finishes, new furnishings, fixtures and lights; any percentage of loss or inefficiency can waste thousands of dollars.

Eliminate cost overruns and errors by having your property surveyed by ARI.  Every room and common area will be accurately surveyed with all finishes, furniture, plugs, lights, switches, and plumbing documented and accounted for.  We are the experts in coordinating with hotel management to complete a thorough survey as efficiently as possible with no impedement to guests comfort or hotel operations, even at full capacity.  Let ARI join your team to get the information you need.

Once the renovations are finished, we'll complete the process by providing a Google Streetview tour to show off your beautiful new hotel.  ARI is your full-service surveying company for hospitality projects of any size.


- As an architectural practice that predominantly designs additions and renovations for clients, we always seem to be scrambling for existing or as-built drawings.  Most owners are not vigilant enough to maintain existing floor plans and elevations of their buildings.  As a result, we utilize the services of Asset Reconnaissance International to masterfully create accurate and detailed floor plans and elevations that have helped us enormously on many of our projects.  ARI has become an invaluable asset to our practice.

Mark Nawrocki - B.Tech., B.Arch., OAA, MRAIC

Principal - Mark Nawrocki Architect Inc.

- ARI’s extremely precise and well executed surveys were a true blessing for us. The drawings provided were very well set up and efficiently organized which made it very easy to incorporate in our work.

The surveys reduced our time at the onset of a project when the timelines are most restrictive and allowed us to concentrate on other aspects of the project.

They are available to respond to any queries or clarifications in a professional manner.

In all sincerity, I whole heartedly recommend ARI for future projects.

Anna Mainella - B.Arch

Atelier MZ Inc.

Hotel As-Built Survey - Measured Drawing for Hospitality
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