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New ARI Service: Live Translation

We're announcing an exciting new service: Live Translation! We will be offering translation services, starting with French, by the end of this month. We have one employee who is fluent in French, specifically in the Québécois dialect. We make the distinction between regular translation services (translating documents) and live translation (tele-conferencing, web-conferencing, and onsite representation), and we offer both types.

This came to fruition with a request from one of our largest clients. They are currently engaged in a continent-wide update of their brand, which is sold mostly in owner-operated businesses. Many of these locations are located throughout the province of Québec, where in most cases English is not commonly used. And even though our client has managers who speak fluent French, the nuances of the Québec dialect proved to be too much of a communication barrier.

We met at their head office in New York City to immerse ourselves into their workflow and to understand their goals. As we had been already involved in surveying many of these locations, we were already halfway there. We will be involved in all project-management communication between our client and the store owners, over the phone, email, and web-conferencing.

In the next year, our goal is to offer this service in Spanish as well.

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