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Google Streetview for Business is catching on...

Having an immersive and complete online presence is more and more critical for businesses as consumers increasingly depend on using the internet to make spending decisions. And when selling your premises is as important as your product or services, you need to showcase it online. Restaurants, spas, hotels, resorts, stores and shops benefit immensely by letting consumers view their interiors online. And there is no better way than to do it with Google Streetview.

Imagine that you are planning an event at a venue far away (like a wedding in 'cottage country' or down in the Caribbean). You have potential resorts down to a final list of four. It's a hard choice to make without going to visit them in person. But one of them has their entire resort photographed with 360° photos in Google Streetview....

Having Streetview photos of your interior may give you that competitive edge. Or it may bring you up to par with your competition that already has them. They may just make your online presence more impressive. Your business just looks better in 360.

We're new to this business, but we're catching on and we're well poised to deliver this service at an excellent price. Recently we were in St. John's Newfoundland, and we added the following businesses and attractions to Streetview:

Relic Supply Co.


Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

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