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2020 In Review

2020 started like any other year for ARI, with a promising and busy schedule of high-end Retail surveys across Canada and the United States. With our largest assembled team yet of Field Agents, we covered new territory for our company, doing business in Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maine, and others. Despite forecasted trends, Retail remained as a strong presence, comprising more than half of our revenue, with Food Service projects as a distant second.

Then things changed course.

The pandemic devastated lives, the economy, and countless large and small businesses. For ARI and companies like us, the damage was profound: capital projects were put on hold or cancelled, both the Retail and Food Service Industries were diminished, and travel restrictions forced us to stop in our tracks. I can't think of a more effective combination to hurt our business. There was a period of shock and uncertainty, and then we decided to move forward in a new direction and change.

ARI Real Estate Media was launched in August. With new branding and new services for a new industry, we applied what we knew about documenting the built form, but now for a new goal: to sell property. To make money for our clients, not just to save it. Professional Photography. Aerial photography. Matterport scanning. Videography. More advanced 360VR tours. Photo Editing and Virtual Staging. Web hosting and other publishing services.

Please enjoy the recap video we've made to celebrate the work we've done for our wonderful clients. We wish everyone a Happy New Year, and a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2021!


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