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ARI launches new service: ARI Real Estate Media

"Necessity is the mother of invention" - English Proverb

The global pandemic of 2020 has only begun to have consequence on long established businesses and markets. Even within a few months, society has adapted to new challenges and threats, and has accepted new behaviors as 'normal'. Unfortunately, old ways of doing business no longer work, and companies must adapt as well.

Asset Reconnaissance International has achieved much in it's first five years in business. We are still a small company, but we've made a name for ourselves that is recognized in the industry across North America. Our mission remains unchanged: to document the built environment to save our clients money. In this regard, our devotion to accurate and complete as-built information is as firm and unwavering as always.

However, the main side-effect of our success (or symptom, or perk), is now an obstacle and perhaps a liability. Travelling during pandemic times is not something we can embrace like we used to. There are many issues for all of us to deal with now when considering travel; some are safety-related, some are ethical, and some are simply complications from a multitude of restrictions across various authorities. And of course, we are now in an economic downturn. Our flights are now delayed; our growth is currently waiting on the tarmac to take-off.

As Einstein once said, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity, At ARI we have decided to focus on a local level, and engage in an activity we've long considered as complementary to what we do: Real Estate Photography. To be more precise, to document the built-form in new and exciting ways. For a new industry.

Thus ARI Real Estate Media is born.

The Real Estate Photography industry has been transformed in recent years with new and exciting technology. Drone technology has made Aerial photography easier and more affordable. Matterport 3D Scanning has invented an entirely new way of selling Real Estate. Improvements to digital photography, video, and post-production software have opened up exciting creative opportunities. All of which have raised the bar for listing Commercial and Residential Real Estate.

What's more, the COVID-19 pandemic has made some of these new digital innovations necessary and indispensable. Virtual Reality (VR), paired with improved photo and video offerings, has all but eliminated the need for multiple showings and open houses. Purchasing a home sight-unseen is now a feasible prospect, yet saying 'sight-unseen' is no longer an accurate description. Not when you can walk through a property in VR from anywhere you please. Not when you can experience multi-media imagery of your prospective home, from inside and out, and from above.

At ARI Real Estate Media, we knew that a valuable offering to this exciting market had to be a complete set of services. Photography, Video, Matterport and 360°VR (yes, we offer a choice), Aerial Drone services, and Graphic Design/Social Media support round off everything a brokerage or agent needs to be avant-garde in their business. In addition, we've paired two other services we've been doing for quite some time: Google Streetview Photography and Publishing, and Construction QA/QC Photography.

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that we've put together something special and new. We are excited to embark on this new journey, and to offer our services to you.


Ben Sagle

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