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New ARI Service: QA/QC Construction Photography

ARI has begun offering a new 360° photography service: QA/QC and Progress photography for construction firms and contractors. We use our spherical camera and equipment to provide clients with unparalleled visuals of in-wall Quality Control and progress. Every detail is visible in these photos, and the 360 technology allows us to cover more in less time, as compared to standard photographs. This means a better product and cost-savings to our clients. In addition, we offer CAD photo plans so that the photos can be accurately and quickly referenced. All ARI agents are trained to meet Ministry of Labour construction site regulations, and are adequately insured.

Having a construction site photographed on a regular basis serves a number of needs and solves problems:

- photos provide a reference and work as a communication tool between the general contractor, sub-contractors, and the client

- photos provide evidence of compliance with Ministry of Labour regulations

- photos are critical to the Quality Control process, proving that Quality Assurance standards are met

- photos provide evidence of sub-contractor adherence to schedule and contract

- photos provide evidence of progress to the client

Our first project is for Walsh Canada: the expansion of the Etobicoke General Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. EGH (part of the William Osler Health System) is expanding with a new 4-storey patient wing, which will add 250,000 sq.ft. of improved services and departments. ARI came on board in late December, since then we've been onsite every week to photograph the construction progress.

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