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Los Angeles in January

In January I was fortunate enough to have worked on a week-long project in Los Angeles, California. Escaping the frigid cold of Québec, I had opportunity to explore the warm weather, beautiful beaches, hike the Santa Monica Mountains and trying out new restaurants that I had on my personal bucket-list.

Flying over the beautiful deserts and mountains is always a nice treat to watch before a loaded work week.

'Step into my office'; working from a roof-top and soaking in the sun. Note to self: purchase sun-screen. The ARI workstation allows us to test measurements directly onsite to ensure an accurate survey.

I'd like to share one of my favorite restaurants on the trip: Mimimyunga. They specialize in Gakesoba, which is where you pour the soup on the soba noodles. These soups can be served hot or cold and can be combined with fresh sweet shrimp and uni. Mimimyunga is two blocks north of Wilshire Blvd, on S. Western Ave near Koreatown.

I took on the challenge to explore the mountains up to the Griffith Observatory. This place was very convenient for tourists; $4.00 parking per hour, free WiFi and washrooms.

Watching LA from up here was an unforgettable sight! Completed in 1935, the Griffith is open to the public free of charge (as stipulated in the will of benefactor Griffith J. Griffith). It is the most-visited public observatory in the world.

That view!

I didn't want to end this hiking journey, so I decided to hike up to the Hollywood sign. From the Griffith Observatory, it takes about just under 2 hours to get up to the famous sign. Make sure to pack food and lots of water if you're planning on getting up here!

Many people can faint walking up due to extreme heat. Luckily, patrols are regularly on the look-out to assist anyone.

As many of us know, you haven't really visited California without stepping foot on the Santa Monica Pier. It is an iconic landmark for visitors filled with activities for the family.

A solar-paneled Ferris wheel, amusement park, delicious restaurants, unique shops and local musicians that gather to help create some good sounds for the crowd! Thanks for reading :)

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