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Project Update - 100,000 sq.ft. Heritage Revit Survey

Exciting news: ARI has been chosen to complete a full Revit survey for a 100,000 sq.ft. condo conversion of a heritage building in Southern Ontario! We're bound by contract not to reveal our client or the project, so details have to be scarce.

What we can tell you though is that this project is a great opportunity and challenge for us. The building was built as a men's health club in the late 1800's, and has been expanded a number of times since. Each expansion was built structurally independent, so we have been finding very interesting and unusual column and beam combinations inside the walls. Plus, the club had a variety of programming requirements, with multiple pools, gyms, courts, and other use-specific rooms.

This is a manual Revit survey (no scanning or point clouds), so we have to employ our proven methods to ensure that the model is 100% accurate. The first phase involves securing all walls, windows, and doors in AutoCAD. The second phase is to build the Revit model onsite using these plans. The third phase is to photograph the building with both standard and 360° spherical photos. The building has limited lighting and no heat, and is in a state of partial decay and demolition, so these are additional factors for us to deal with. All in a day's work at ARI!

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