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First Project!

ARI has landed it's very first project: an apartment building in Richmond Hill, ON. We can't tell you who the client is though.

Why can't we mention the client? Much work in this field is done anonymously. Sometimes we work for our competition and it's a conflict of interest to promote our own name. For other projects, the fact that a survey or renovation is taking place is sensitive information. Sometimes, particularly in Retail, a tenant may not know that they may be moving, or simply the people on the sales floor have not been notified. Regardless, we carry on with our work discreetly and tactfully so that all parties are happy in the end.

Not so for this project; this is for the competition. That's OK, we have to start somewhere and we're happy to do it. Surveying an apartment complex is tricky business; these apartments are occupied. It takes a certain amount of nerve and a whole lot of professionalism to carry on a survey in someone's home. This is what we do though; I personally have years of experience doing this type of thing. Everyone is different, and part of the job is identifying quickly a mood, or a situation, in order to get the job done without 'stepping on anyone's toes'.

And what goes with a first project? A first workstation selfie, of course!

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