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Hotel As-Built Surveying

Hotels.. another staple project for as-built surveying. And yes, this is our very first one.

ARI Workstation onsite

Hotels are special in that they add an extra element of complexity. Most as-built projects are straightforward in terms of accessibility; you can go and measure the space any time so long as your are not in anyone's way. Hotels are different; they can't shut down for a week or a month to let you measure the rooms. Hotel demand a high level of co-operation and communication between the front desk staff and the field agents onsite. Rooms are doled out when they are available, and someone needs to dispatch agents to specific rooms at specific times. Sometimes you only have the small window of time between check-out and check-in the same day. This creates a hierarchy of priorities that is fluid and changes constantly. And of course, the same degree of detail and accuracy is required despite these challenges.

Which all adds up to fun for us. We always love a good challenge. It makes for a great sense of satisfaction when it all comes together.

This hotel was a small 140-room property in Toronto.

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