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What is Asset Reconnaissance International?


Property owned by a person or company;

A useful or valuable thing.


A preliminary survey to gain information.


Active beyond national boundaries.

Since 2015, Asset Reconnaissance International has been a leader in this endeavor: to document the built environment to save our clients money.

Often, this means that we measure buildings.  We provide accurate as-built drawings and models of them, and we focus on the details that matter to our clients.  The level of accuracy and the completeness of this service empowers designers and planners to work with precision.  This in turn reduces or eliminates cost overruns during renovation and construction.  Sometimes we're asked to provide elevation drawings of the exterior.  Sometimes we go up on the roof to survey and audit equipment.  And sometimes we're above the ceiling mapping out and documenting the HVAC ductwork and building structure.

But that's not all.  We do BOMA surveys and analysis for leasing and selling commercial property.  We do Architectural Photography and Matterport Listings for Real Estate.  We work with Architects and Interior Designers on various Residential, Food Service, and Retail projects.  We work with large corporations for rollout fit-outs and renovations across the continent.  We provide project management support with live translation for international projects.  We perform Quality Control (QA/QC) photography for construction companies and contractors.  We create 360° VR tours and publish Google Streetview photos.  We speak with store and mall management to help coordinate delivery and installation of fixtures and millwork.  We do a lot, but the common thread is that the drawings and information are done accurately and consistently, with only one site visit.

From 100 sq.ft. to 1,000,000 sq.ft.  From Vancouver to Puerto Rico, from San Diego to Bermuda, and from Edmonton to Miami.  We've completed hundreds of site visits for clients all over the continent.  And for a wide variety of industries too, such as Hotels, Schools, Retirement Homes, Funeral Homes, and Hospitals.  Giant warehouses.  Entire Department Stores.  Heritage buildings.  Commercial Office Space.  Luxury Retail.  Banks, Homes, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Clinics, and Gyms.   

We understand that the most important aspect of what we do is trust; trust that our clients have in our service.  That the information is correct, accurate, and complete.  That every aspect of a survey is treated with a respect for truth.  And that all of this can be done without a 're-visit'.

Reach out and see what we can do for you.

As-Built Surveying, Audit, Scanning, and Photography Services for Architects, Retail, Food-Service and Hospitality clients across North America.


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