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ARI's new service: Google Streetview Photography

After a few months of practice and development with the Ricoh Theta camera, Asset Reconnaissance International is ready to offer Streetview photography to the public. 360 degree spherical photography compliments our core As-built surveying in many ways. First, it's a great addition to a survey to have these photos; they show much more than a traditional camera could, even with a wide-angle lens. For an average project that might require 50 standard photographs, a 360 photo can deliver the same information in just 10. Second, when renovations are complete, it's advisable to have the new premises photographed and uploaded to Streetview. People are increasingly making purchasing decisions online, and if your place is your product, there's no better way to get attention online. ARI will photograph, edit, add your logo, and publish your photos onto Google Maps. If you require photos for purposes other than marketing, let's say for doing QA/QC inspection on a construction site, we can create an interactive plan and walk-through for private use. It's a great tool for Retail, Hospitality, Food-Service, and Construction.

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